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J. Colby Smith, Adrian Castillo and Josh Harris are available by appointment, semi-monthly at 108's private studios in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

To schedule an appointment, click your desired city and artist below. If no appointments are available on the schedule, they are fully booked or have not released new dates. New dates are typically released one month in advanced. Sign up below to be notified when new dates are added to the calendar in your city. If you have a group, want multiple services or have pricing questions, please email or text us at +1 (213) 276 5518 so we may give you the appropriate amount of time and answer all your questions.

We suggest getting a good nights rest, eating a meal and coming in relaxed. Please keep your friends/family limited as it can add to your piercing anxiety. We love kids but this is not the right environment for them. If something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled appointment, be considerate and let us know immediately so we can free that time for another client. If you are traveling, plan ahead as time fills up fast and book towards the end of your trip. We look forward to seeing you! 

Greenpoint, BK

Silver Lake, LA