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May 2017:


Adrian Castillo

Will be joining us in the LA studio as our May artist in residence. Come add Adrian's work to your collection May 5th-7th.

Adrian is a piercing artist with 10 years of experience. Originally a southern California native, Adrian followed his career to New York where he was mentored by J. Colby Smith.

Adrian curates beautiful piercing and jewelry combinations. Visit his instagram for inspiration and book an appointment

Email: for more details.


April 2017:

Merrel Westhoff

will be joining us in the LA studio as our April artist in residence. Come say hello and shop her newest collection SILVER LINING.

Inspired by ancient patterns, ethnic tribes, music and the shape of shadows, Merrel has created her own minimalistic style in jewelry design. Using sterling silver, 14 karat yellow and rose gold for all handmade pieces.

Email: for more details